How to creat farm account in Rise Of Empires: Ice and Fire


For creat farm account yo need to make shure your main accoun is safe. For that you need to Bind your main account with Google, Facebook or IM 30 it’s very very important or else you may loose your main account.

Then creat farm account by start a new game you will get option in my account. It will randomly created in new server you need to change server before base lvl 5. For changing server it required to change zone. For example if you are in #102 server and your main is in #99 so first go to #99 then click any where in map and you will see a option to change zone click on that it will drop you to #99 in random place. Then you can teleport near to your main account.

Bind your farm account with another Google account/IM30 or Facebook.

How farm account help to your main account:-

Farm account is for help your main castle with resources because of high requirements of resources at higher level castle. Collect resoueces from fram account then grab that from your main account.

How you can get maximum benefit from farm account:-

Castle level

Level 13 castle unlock 3 legion and level 18 will unlock 4 legion. So I recommend to make your farm castle level to 18 so you can gather resources by using 4 legion.

Technology research for farm castle

Town development: Is for increase your gathering speed. This research to be done till Effective mining & Alloy refining ITown development

Legion research for all ( I, II, III & Class): This research will unlock your first hero that will increase your troops capacity in legion. Also you need to do high speed gathering + take it all it will increase your troops load.Legion research

Zone commemoration: Till advance rewards. It will increase gathering speed and some extra resources after gathering during COP event.Zone commemoration

Rapid production is optional.

Tips for collecting resources from farm account:-

In higher level of your main it required lots of resources so always try to collect Iron & marble first. When your main having sufficient amount of iron and marble then start collecting lumber because it will consume your by your troops in main account. For this you need to make lumber storage higher side in your farm account. So you can grab the need in your main in Single time.

Which troops should be used in farm?

Always try to use cavalry (horses) level 5. Cavalry having high troop load so it will help you to gather more by using less troops.

Find Castle requirments: Click Here



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