Home Game How to get help in the game : Last Shelter Survival

How to get help in the game : Last Shelter Survival

Last shelter survival
Last shelter survival

How to get help in the game :


Last Shelter is a complicated game with a lot of progression and development options. Unfortunately make of the tasks, challenges and activities in the game are not properly covered by instructions and information.

In Game Help –

You can found  help option next to the Base building. Tapping on the Guide Board sign that you see in the image below will open the 2 options that is  Service and Help. Help is a collection of text based help files about various aspects of the game and it will answer some basic questions. Service will let you ask specific questions and contact the game developers with any problems you are having. We are yet to receive a response to queries ourselves although the regular updates to the game do seem to address issues quickly.

Other contact options –

The game developers also have a facebook page at https://www.fac…urvival/ and twitter at https://twitter.com/LastShelterSurv
Support Email: support_ls@im30.net
And a website at: http://www.im30.net/ where you may get a better response to problems.

Ask a friend

If you are part of an alliance the quickest way to get answers is probably to ask in the Alliance chat feed. There are helpful folks playing and many will have had the same problems you may be encountering. or you can ask your questions in our comment section below.

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