Barrack Resources requirments for Rise Of Empires: Ice and Fire


Rise Of Empires: Barrack Resources requirements are there for upgrading your building to each level in Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire. Listed detailing all the Barrack Resources requirments at this time given below:-

1  100 :10Base Lvl 2Shielder55
2110028006304002:00Base Lvl 6Pikeman59
3380085001900130010:30Base Lvl 6 63
4570026K5700200015:40Base Lvl 6 69
5850038K8500290023:30Base Lvl 6Light Shield Guard78
6     Base Lvl 6 96
720K43K38K66001:33:40Base Lvl 7 132
835K60K 53K99003:07:20Base Lvl 8 203
962K84K75K15K4:22:10Base Lvl 9 302
10     Base Lvl 10Heavy Shield Guard430
11170K160K150K33K7:23:00Base Lvl 11 597
12250K290K210K50K9:32:58Base Lvl 12 813
13360K450K400K75K12:28:39Base Lvl 13Halberdier1094
14500K710K630K110K16:13:09Base Lvl 14 1459
15670K1.3M1.1M170K22:29:08Base Lvl 15 1970
16     Base Lvl 16Court Guard2686
171.5M6.9M1.5M380K1d 15:44:04Base Lvl 17 3688
182.6M12M2.7M550K2d 07:37:47Base Lvl 18 5090
194.6M21M4.7M780K3d 08:45:50Base Lvl 19Royal Footman7053
207.6M35M7.9M1.1M4d 12:04:04Base Lvl 20 9801
219.9M57M13M1.5M5d 23:39:54Base Lvl 21 13373
2212M85M19M1.9M7d 00:28:09Base Lvl 22Heavy Pikeman18017
23     Base Lvl 23 24054
2417M150M33M2.7M13d 13:11:50Base Lvl 24 32506
2518M162M36M2.79M12d 21:19:07Base Lvl 25Heavy Pike Guard44338


  • The Time to build the castle will depend on some research and other buffs. The numbers given here is for your idea it may change slightly.
  • Resoureces requirment may be change by the Developer team. if you see any you can contact us.

Find Castle requirments: Click Here



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