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Dragon Shouts And Dragon Slayer Bolts (ROE)

Dragon Shouts –

Dragon Shouts is very useful. You can send your dragon to breathe on the enemies castle and damage it. There are several types of ‘shout’ the dragon can produce. You can produce this shouts as you add and upgrade the buildings. (With each doing different types of damage).

You can produce this shouts in the dragon lair buildings. You will get your first shout at level 19. Level 19 is the black dragon lair and here you can make the black dragon shouts that will reduce the enemy castle fortification. The shout strength will depend on the  level of the building upgrade.

First of all you have to reach level 19 and built the dragon shout temple full stop then you can start using the dragon shout. Then you will also need to build the black  dragon lair to produce the Scrolls ( the items that launchthe shouts).

Now, you will be able to build an upgrade crystal workshop The crystal workshop is the production buildings for the crystal resource. It’s needed to make the shouts and also upgrade the shout building.

You should build this crystal workshop and start reducing crystal as soon as possible. (You can use gold to build faster).

Important note : To defend yourself from a shout attack, you should built the dragon Slayer building and produce their volts. Now if you want to attack your enemy with dragon slayer then it’s very simple. Dragon shout works like missile, that you can use against your enemies. If you want to damage your enemies lair then you can send your dragons to breed on enemies lair and destroy them.

Dragon Slayer Bolts :-

When you reach level 19,then you can make this dragon slayer bolts in the dragon Slayer building. In this building you can produce bolts and keep them for later use. But how many awards you can make and store for later use will depend on the level of your building. When someone launches shouts against you then the Slayer bolts where fire automatically and stop incoming attacks.

My advice is -upgrade this building as much as you can, to save yourself from a dragon attack.

As I mentioned earlier dragon shout temple unlocks at castle level 19. Dragons lair unlocks at castle level 19. Also black dragon lair unlocks at castle level 19 as well. Black Dragon lair produces black dragon scrolls, reduces the enemy fortification by a set amount. Red Dragon lair requires black Dragon lair level 20. White Dragon lair requires Red Dragon lair level 23. Blue dragon lair requires white Dragon lair level 25. Frost Dragon lair requires blue dragon lair level 25.


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