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Health Benefits of Lemon-Mint Juice

Health Benefits of Lemon-Mint Juice

Lemon-Mint juice is a source of vitamin C, which is very useful for the body. Vitamin C rich substances soften the skin of the body, in which lemon is highly beneficial. The doctor always asks to take some drops of lemon juice in hot water every morning in hot water, you can also add honey or mint in it. As research, to get instant relief from heat, drink lemon-mint syrup. It cools the body so everyone prefer lemon-mint juice to drink in the summer noon. It’s very easy to make and also you can make it in a short time.


Necessary ingredients

  • 4 lemons
  • 20 to 25 mint leaves
  • 8-10 teaspoons sugar
  • 4 glasses of water
  • 4 ice cube
  • 1 tbsp cumin powder
  • 1 tbsp salt


  • Method

First of all, cut the all lemon into 2 pieces also take out the seeds from lemon and put aside. After that take medium size grinder jar, and add 4 glass water, sugar, salt and lemon juice and mint leaves in a grinder jar and grind them very properly and filter the juice. After Filtering this lemon mint juice, put it in 4 glasses. Lemon-mint syrup is ready. Pour one ice cube in each of the four glasses and add a little cumin powder to make it testier.


  • Main Benefits

Water is the most important for our body, it helps in removing the toxic substances (toxins) of the body from the body. Water with lemon and mint help as a lot to make our lifestyle healthy.


Lemon mint juice helps to Reduces fat. On the one hand, while obesity takes away confidence, on the other hand it also serves to invite many diseases. Along with being over-weight, the risk of getting many diseases increases. But the good thing is that if you want, you can reduce this obesity with small efforts. By controlling your diet and exercising a bit, you can come back to shape again. There are many ways to lose weight, but with this lemon-mint juice remedy you can lose weight in a few days. This refreshing drink not only works to de-toxify the body, but also reduces weight.It is the partner that smooths the digestive system, thereby eliminating problems like constipation, in this way it is helpful in reducing weight. Also it makes


  • Digestive system is strong.
  • Get smooth skin.
  • Immunity increases.
  • Removes bad breath.
  • The ph level is balanced.
  • Energy is available.
  • The infection of the throat is removed.
  • The problem of high blood pressure is overcome.
  • Reduce fat & helps to lose weight



  1. Kidney stone

By drinking half a cup of lemon juice daily, the amount of acid in urine increases, and the toxins are released. This reduces the risk of kidney stones due to calcium. So doctors suggest to drink lemon juice daily. It purify our body.


  1. Eliminate throat pain

Drinking lemon juice mixed with honey or mint provides relief from pain caused in the throat. Kids usually gets pain in throat in night or after having so cold things so lemon mint juice can help to rid from minor throat pain.


  1. Relieve itching

Drinking lemon juice or Apply lemon juice in itching caused by mosquitos orinsect bite and infection. Trouble will go away in on time.


  1. Anticancer

Lemon contains anticancer properties. Protects the body’s cells from cancer cells. Also lemon is full source of vitamin – C. it makes boot


  1. Potassium is high

It’s found in abundance in lemon. Banana is not only a good source of potassium, Lemon is also high in vitamin C, our body gets 80 mg of minerals from its intake.


  1. Reduce fever

Drink lemon juice for quick relief from fever. Body temperature will decrease immediately.


  1. Relieve toothache

Applying lemon juice in toothache reduces pain immediately. Also, if rs of lemon is applied in the gums, then the problem of bleeding is removed.

  1. Lemon juice keeps the pH level in the body balanced.
  2. Lemon juice helps in controlling weight. Taking 6 to 8 drops of lemon with warm water first thing in the morning helps in reducing weight.
  3. Lemon juice also reduces problems like constipation because it makes the digestive system smooth.
  4. Lemon or Lemon Juice with warm water, it also reduces the acidity problem by taking it on an empty stomach in the morning.
  5. By taking lemon juice on an empty stomach, it helps in taking out the toxin of the body, which makes the body healthy.
  6. Lemon juice increases the radiance and softness in the facial skin and hair. Applying lemon juice on the hair reduces the fall of Russian hair. This gives natural shine to the hair. Stains and spots are removed by applying in the face.
  7. Lemon juice increases the immunity of the body. Due to which the body remains healthy.
  8. Lemon juice refreshes the brain and cells. Which does not make you feel tired. There is agility in the body.
  9. Lemon juice increases calcium and oxygen levels in the liver, thus relieving acidity.
  10. Lemon juice is also beneficial for the eyes.


  • Disadvantages of drinking lemon

Taking lemon water in excess amount can also cause you many problems as below;-

  1. Trouble in the teeth

Taking too much acid-rich substance causes problems in our body, and its first effect is understood in the teeth. Due to high quantity of lemon, you will have sensitivities in the teeth, which means that if you eat cold or hot food, there will be a sharp tingling in your teeth. At times eating more lemon, there is also a bitterness in the teeth.


  1. Chest pain

By consuming more lemon water, stomach and chest irritation also starts. Acidity increases in the stomach, causing stomach ache, food is not digested.


  1. Dehydration

Lemon contains a lot of vitamin c. This increases urine production in the kidney, it helps in the release of toxic elements and sodium in the body. But by consuming a lot of lemon juice, it messes up the water level in the body. Due to this, you will also have problems of dehydration, in such a situation, you should reduce the amount of lemon water in your diet. Lemon juice does not affect well in many people’s body, this causes phlegm problems, which gradually take a big form. Before incorporating lemon water in your diet in large quantities, consult a doctor.


Lemon juice is very beneficial for the body, taking it in any form daily will help to make the body strong and attractive.

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