Education Life During COVID-19

Education Life
Education Life

 Education Life During The Coronavirus Pandemic :


Education Life During COVID-19 : Let’s go to flashback and let’s give a light to our heart and remember our school memories. We smiled together, played together. Opened lunch boxes together, and we shared a Last bench moments together. We prepared for project and exams together.

And Now, Education life and system during the coronavirus pandemic is differently difficult for students & their parents as well.

The return to school is an important part but also there is a major question about health.


As we know, there are 2 important development stage in children’s life on which children’s health and future deepens. 1.) Emotional Development 2.) Physical Development


  • Emotional Development –

As children born, they start to do alike their parents do.

Then their parents teach them to laugh, cry, play, walk, eat etc.

Once children reach school age, they pay more attention to other children, teachers and coaches.

That makes children to grow emotionally, makes capable to understanding of themselves, their choices, their interest area, their skills.

However, around COVID-19 situation in the online learning can they grow emotionally??


  • Physical Development –

As children get older, we experience a change in their height and weight.

But it’s not just about the height and weight behind the scenario. It’s about developing the muscles, bones and joints, the process of their energy system.

All this is done through the school games, coach’s guidance, they offer many benefits to children with all interests and abilities.

Kids especially like to play sports and these activities give them such a great opportunity to practice many skills.

Notably, because of coronavirus pandemic this gets slower for long period.

Education Life During COVID-19


Keeping all this things in mind, majority parents think it will be best if the schools are not reopen in this coronavirus situation.

A survey by local circles, a community social media platform, said only nearly 24 % parents are supporting the reopen of schools.

75 % parents from India’s metros and smaller cities will not send kids to school even if schools reopen.

Parents say they are ready to settle for online education for their children but they don’t want any risk of COVID-19 infection for their families and kids.

But if school reopens the teacher and parent have major responsibility and an important role in making sure that children understand, learn and follow the new rules in schools.

Schools in India have been shut down since March 2020 due to the COVID-19.

During that Parents are positively ready to develop their teaching skill, ready to support homework expectations, ready to knowing the layout of curriculum.

At the home parents get involved in every online class of schools.

This greatly shows they’re interested in their kids’ education and health.

Education Life During COVID-19

Indian Parents are taking example from other country.

The US reopened schools in August and within two weeks. It was found that there had been a 90 percent increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in children.

Israel also reopened its schools in May after witnessing a slowdown in coronavirus spread within weeks.

Thousands of students and teachers had to be sent into quarantine. Similarly, Germany reported increment in the number of Covid-19 with two weeks of school reopening.


After marking all this, the school management and government assured that they will make every effort to save the student and teacher from COVID-19.

Indian parents also started telling coronavirus and its children about its severity.

Kids are naughty, but their speed of learning and understanding new things is often better than that of older people.

So they easily learned about all the things like the usefulness of a mask, why it is necessary to wear a mask and how it protects us from COVID-19.

Now, children used to wash their hands before eating and before touching their face.

At school, teachers also ensure that they will stop students to do share things like pencils, pens, books, tiffin boxes, water bottles Still parents are not feeling safe to send their kids at school.

After all it is wise step to make decisions after noticing all factors when it comes to children’s health.


What do you say? Should allow children to go to school or not? Comment and give your valuable opinion.




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