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Guide to change your class : Last Shelter Survival

Guide to change your class : Last Shelter Survival

The game Last Shelter Survival have 4 different classes – Farmer, Builder, Raider, Trader.

Once you are done with all these upgrades then you have to choose a class. The game allows you to choose from these four different classes. It will give you advantages and benefits to affect the ways you progress in the game. Each class have their own benefits and downside that you should know before selecting one.

When you can change your class –

When you start upgrading your main base, the game will give you a chance to change your class in every few level.


You can buy a class change item from at least one of the purchase packages that are offered but this will cost you real money.

You don’t need to you decide immediately each time so you can ignore the change choice and hang onto the option to do it letter .

How to change your class –

In this game you can change your class anytime you want. Just tap on the new class hall building and choose the “class” option. It will take you to the change class screen full stop then you can see the four classes are present and with some details about the class.

The classes –

As I said earlier the game have 4 different classes farmer, raider, builder, trader each of the classes get a specific building providing some benefits.

Farmer –

This is a class for those who wants to build up a good base and stay out of trouble. In this class you can get large amount of resources in one attempt face top production centre allows you to use and instant production Perk to get a large amount of resources in one attempt. But there is a cool down time out in every 12 hours. Upgrade the building as much as you can to increase the amount of resources.

Advantages –

This class will improve your production rate of main resources. You will get protection on your resources when someone attacks you. When you harvesting resources from other world, this will improve the speed and amount of your carry.

Disadvantages –

This class will do less damage when you attack someone and takes more damage from them.



Raider –

The reader class is best for the player who wants to fight with other players in the game you need to upgrade your troops and complete your troop training. Also complete some research and you can become very powerful and dominate anyone of lower rank players.This class APC has extra resistance bounces and it can plunder cash during sieges.

Advantages –

In this class when you attack other players you will be able to loot more resources from them and you will have less casualties from any fights. Also you will able to heal your wounded troops faster than normal.

Advice –

Use the SAP formation to loot money from victims.

Disadvantages –

Your own production and World harvesting of resources including money will be reduced. So you need to keep up with the game upgrades and your progress in the last shelter survival.

Builder –

This is not a popular class. Its recently added class with no specific building but it has a full set of class card to unlock. This class will save time and resources when you upgrade your buildings. I think that it could be very useful especially when you are starting out in the game.

Trader –

Trader class is very similar to the farmer class but especially focusing on the money. If you are a regular player and want to support your alliance with resources then this is the class for you this is the fastest way to progress in the game.

Advice –

Stay away from alliance for invest in peace bubbles.

The trader class allows you to buy extra resources and support the other player in your alliance. You can send your extra resources to the other players will stop your money production will be higher than the other classes. It allows you to progress faster on your updates too.

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