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Impact of COVID-19 on Education:-

With world developing, great personalities shared great thoughts quoted the best possible ideas they could on the Importance of education.

The best amongst all is as below :
“ Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”. But, what if the huge gate towards future gets lockdown? Yes that is what the present scenario suggests.
Though not permanently, yet the education sector suffering a great impact.
90% of students community is suffering world wide. The exam cycle is challenged and all major entrance exams are postponed. Which shattered many dreams and aspirations of the youth.
Where as many institutions turned towards online educations, some schools are still either under set up or quite far away from the very thought.

Starting from the very young level, i.e. the nursery level admissions till Higher Secondary Education, are at a stop. As conducting examination is at risk, with social distancing being a major concern.

Close-up Of Woman Having Video Chat On Digital Tablet In Classroom

Yet, under this gruesome situation the institution organising online classes or platform ensuring children can follow their assignments are providing with fruitful solution. At many state level and even centralized schools the announcement of mass promotion for the classes I to IX brought a great relief amongst the student community. Whereas several aspirations of foreign education are at hold.
However, few universities like The Boston University extended their reporting time till January 2021 for their foreign students, some universities are yet unheard. Breathing under the unplanned future goals, the youth community’s mental health is one of the major concern too.

Above all, in an article from UNESCO they say –


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