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Rise Of Empire : Ice and Fire

How to play Rise Of Empire : Ice and Fire –

Rise of Empire Ice and fire is an Android game. It’s released on 2018 means it’s only been in the market for 3 years, but you have to see the reviews in the Play Store.

Rise of empires got 4.7 star on Play Store review and that is awesome. Basically its real time Nation vs. Nation medieval strategy war game. It’s all about train your troops, gather your allies and go to war.

In this article we have summarized some cool and easy tips for leveling from Top Players, guides for beginners, my secret tricks and strategies.

Important note :- I have been playing this game since 2018 to till now. And I am gonna upload more article about this game. So check out my website theflashtime.com more often

The cool and easy tips for leveling up –

Starting the game –

First of all install your game and start playing, then you will be directed through a tutorial. Where you can build your castle, recruit section for build your own army, main buildings like – charcoal factory, mint, hospital for healing, encampment for true trainings and training speed, training ground for true mass size, distillery for ale production, farm for food production, lumberyard for wood production, quarry for marble production, iron mine for iron production, houses for population, trading house for resource trading, arena and bar for Hero recruitment and enhancement, workers hut for more workers, storage for food, ale, wood, charcoal, marble, iron etc…

Choosing a class –

Once you are done with all this and upgrade your castle to level 6. Then you will need to select the class. There are four different classes in Rise of Empire that is –

1. Builder

Builder Class
Builder Class

2. Farmer

Farmer Class
Farmer Class

3. Raider

Raider Class
Raider Class

4. Trader

Trader Class
Trader Class

These classes will give you advantages and the benefits to affect the ways you progress in the game.

These are some important points you should know before you select your class –

First of all after reaching level 6, you have to built the class hall building then only you can be able to select the class. Rise of Empire game gives you a chance to change class for free every few levels as you upgrade your main castle. That is ( level 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, & 25).

If you don’t like your class and wish to change it then you can change it anytime by tapping on the new class hall building. You just have to choose the class option, it will take you tour class section screen the four classes are presented there with some details of their perks. However you can choose only one class at the moment.

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