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Maha Shivratri Katha / Story

Shivratri Katha / Story

Once upon a time, a moneylender lived in a city. There was no shortage of money in his house, but he had no children, due to which he was very sad. He used to fast every Monday to get a son and worshiped Lord Shiva and Parvatiji with full devotion.

Seeing her devotion, one day Maa Parvati became happy and requested Lord Shiva to fulfil his wish. Hearing the wish of Parvatiji, Lord Shiva said that Parvati, every creature in this world gets the fruits of his deeds and whose fate he has to suffer.’

Maha Shivratri Katha
Maha Shivratri Katha
But Parvatiji expressed her desire to fulfil the wishes of the moneylender in order to maintain her devotion.On the request of Mata Parvati, Shivji gave a boon to the moneylender but he also said that his child will live only for twelve years.

The moneylender was listening to the conversation of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. He was neither happy nor sad about this. He continued to worship Shiva as before.

After some time a son born to the moneylender. When that boy was eleven years old, he was sent to Kashi to study. The moneylender called the maternal uncle of the son and gave him a lot of money and said that you take this child to attain Kashi Vidya and perform Yagna & Pooja on the way.

Wherever you perform the yagna, go to the Brahmins give them food and Dakshina. Both uncle and nephew would perform yagna in the same way and donate dakshina to Brahmins and went towards Kashi.

There was a city in the night where the daughter of the king of the city was married. But the prince with she was about to marry was blind with one eye. The father of blind princeplanned to hide the fact that his son did not have sight in one eye from king.

Seeing the moneylender’s son, an idea came to father of blind prince mind. He thought why not make this boy marry the princess. After marriage, I will give lots of money to go away and I will take the princess to my city.

The boy got married to the princess wearing the groom’s clothes. But the moneylender’s son was honest. He did not find this to be justified.

He took the opportunity and wrote on the foot of the princess’s sardine, ‘You are married to me, but the prince with whom you will be sent is blindwith one eye. I am going to Kashi for study.

When the princess read the words written on the sardine, she told her parents about this. The king did not leave his daughter, leaving the procession back. On the other hand, the moneylender’s boy and his maternal uncle reached Kashi and went there and performed a yagna.

On the day of the boy’s age when he was 12 years old, a yagna was performed. The boy told his maternal uncle that my health is not right. Mama said that you go inside and go to sleep.

According to Shivji’s boon, the child’s life went out in a while. Seeing the dead nephew, his maternal uncle started mourning. Incidentally, at the same time, Shiva and Mata Parvati were going from there.

Parvati said to God- Swami, I cannot bear the cry of its cry. You must remove this person’s suffering. When Shivji approached the dead boy, he said that he is the son of the same moneylender, whom I gave the boon of 12 years of age.

Now his age is over. But Mata Parvati said that please, Mahadev, please give more age to this child, otherwise its parents will also die in isolation after suffering from it.

Seeing her devotion, one day Maa Parvati became happy and requested Lord Shiva to fulfill the wishes of that moneylender. Hearing the wish of Parvatiji, Lord Shiva said that ‘O Parvati, every creature in this world gets the fruits of his deeds and whose fate he has to suffer.’ But Parvatiji expressed her desire to fulfill the wishes of the moneylender in order to maintain her devotion.

On the insistence of Mata Parvati, Lord Shiva gave the boy the boon of being alive. By the grace of Shiva, that boy became alive.

After finishing his education, the boy went to his city with his maternal uncle. Both of them walked to the same city where they were married.

He also performed a yagna in that city. The boy’s father-in-law recognized him and took him to the palace and took care of him and said goodbye to his daughter.Here, the moneylender and his wife were hungry and thirsty waiting for their son.

He pledged that if he got the news of his son’s death, he would give up his life, but he was very happy to get the news that his son was alive.

The same night Lord Shiva came in the dream of the merchant and said – O superior, I have given a long life to your son, happy Mahashivratrito all. In the same way, anyone who observes Mahashivratri fast or listens to and recites the story, all his sufferings are removed and all wishes are fulfilled.


Know From where & Why Trident, Damru and Sneck came to Shiv ji??

Lord Shiva is the best known of all types of weapons, but in mythological stories, two of his major weapons are mentioned, one is the bow and the other is the trident. There is a story about Lord Shiv’s bow, which was invented by Shiv Ji himself.

There is no story in this subject about how the Trishin came to him. It is believed that when Shiva appeared from Brahmnad in the beginning of creation, then all three qualities of Raja, Tama and Satya also appeared.

These three qualities became three prongs of Trinity. Without cohesion between them, the operation of creation was difficult. Therefore, Shivi held these three qualities in his hands in the form of a trident.

  • Shivaji’s Damru

The story of Damru coming into the hands of Lord Shiva is very interesting. When Goddess Saraswati appeared at the beginning of the world, the Goddess gave birth to the sound of her Veena in Sashtri.

But it was soundless and without music. At that time, Lord Shiva played the dance fourteen times while dancing and this sound gave birth to the dhan, rhythm of grammar and music.

It is said that Damru is the form of Brahma which seems to be extended from a distance, but as we get closer to the Brahman, it gets diluted and gets melted from the other side and then moves towards imperfection.

Lord Shiva had also appeared with him to bring balance to the universe.

  • Where did vishidhar Sneck come from the neck of shiva

There is always a snake with Lord Shiva. The name of this snake is Vasuki. It is told in the Puranas about this serpent that he is the king of serpents and he is ruled by Nagaaloka.

At the time of churning of the ocean, he had done the work of rope, so that Sagar was churned. It is said that Vasuki Naga was an ardent devotee of Shiva.

Pleased with his devotion, Shivaji made him the king of Nagaloka and also gave a boon to be wrapped around his neck like a jewel.

  • How to reach the moon at the end of the camp

According to the Shiv Purana, the moon was married to 27 daughters of Daksha Prajapati. These girls are 27 constellations.

Among them, the moon loved Rohini very much. When other girls complained about it to Daksha, Daksha cursed the moon to decay. To avoid this curse, the moon meditated on Lord Shiva.

Pleased with the austerity of the moon, Shiv ji saved the life of the moon and placed it on his head. The place where the moon did penance is called Somnath.

It is believed that only by the curse of Daksh, the moon keeps on decreasing.

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