10 Best Places To Visit In Bangalore


10 Best Places To Visit In Bangalore :-

Bangalore is the capital of Indian state Karnataka people referred the city as the silicon valley of India, IT capital of India because its role as nation’s leading information technology exporter.

So many Indian technological organizations are headquartered in the City. A democracy and diversity, Bangalore is the second fastest growing major metropolis in India.

Bangalore is blessed with a benevolent climate, a modern metro system, and a perfect place for those travelers who  loves drinking comedy dining and shopping.

It’s a great City for mixing with locals in craft beer joints are quirky independent cafes. Though there are no world class sites but you will find lovely parks and striking Victorian Era architecture, nightclubs, with a flourish and pub culture.

Bangalore has a population of 12.5 million which makes it India’s fourth largest city after Mumbai coma Delhi and Kolkata. You may find little traffic problem there but the nightlife of the city makes it totally worth it. Today I am gonna show you the best places to visit when you are in Bangalore –

 let’s have a look –

  1. Lalbagh botanical garden

    Bangalore, The Flash Times
    Bangalore, The Flash Times
  2. Cuban park

    Cubbon Park, The Flash Times
    Cubbon Park, The Flash Times
  3. Brigade road

    Brigade Road, The Flash Times
    Brigade Road, The Flash Times
  4. Bangalore palace

    Bangalore Palace, The Flash Times
    Bangalore Palace, The Flash Times
  5. MG road

    M G Road, The Flash Times
    M G Road, The Flash Times
  6. Wonderla amusement park

    Wonderla Amusement Park,The Flash Times
    Wonderla Amusement Park,The Flash Times
  7. Innovative Film City

    Innovative Film City, The Flash Times
    Innovative Film City, The Flash Times
  8. Nandi hills

    Nandi Hills, The Flash Times
    Nandi Hills, The Flash Times
  9. ISKON temple

    ISCKON Bangalore, The Flash Times
    ISCKON Bangalore, The Flash Times
  10. Bannerghatta National park

    Bannerghatta National Park, The Flash Times
    Bannerghatta National Park, The Flash Times

Lalbagh botanical garden –

Lalbagh is one of the major attraction here. it has India’s largest collection of tropical plants and subtropical plants. Including several centuries-old trees. Lalbagh glass house is a joint place like glass and iron structure inspired by crystal palace in London’s Hyde park. The glass house was built in 1989 and renovated in 2004 full stop it remains the primary attraction for visitors. Lalbagh has a large Lake, walking trails a bridge and a beautiful mini waterfall. If you want to you enjoy show then you must visit the garden on Republic Day and independence Day. They are arrange flowers shows mango Jackfruit festival, cultural shows etc.

You can see e bonsai garden comma large rock, kempegowda watchtower, flower clock, hibiscus garden here that freshen up your mood full stop Lalbagh has government approved shops and some private vendors also. They sell fruits, vegetables, fruit juices and various snack items.

Cubbon Park –

Cuban park is a major sightseeing attraction in Bangalore city. Spread over an area of 300 acres, in rich green beauty. It’s an ideal place for nature lovers and those who seeking calm atmosphere. The park is named after lord Cubbon. The Cuban park has more than 600 healthy trees, that supports a vibrant ecosystem.

You can also visit nearest places from there like Cuban park museum, attara kacheri, ayyar memorial park, Bangalore aquarium. Which is the second best largest aquarium in India. The park lies very close to the state central library full stop you can go to museum inside the park. It has antique from Mohenjo Daro period.

Ancient coins and stone inscriptions of  5000 years old. The park also has a toy train for exciting view. A favorite among both adults and children. One of the most popular attraction in the Cuban park is the Cuban park aquarium.

It has 83 tanks in three different floors full of water animals. It’s so colorful and amazing you can explore the Bangalore aquarium from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m..

Brigade Road –

This is the place for everything you need. If you want to have some fun with shopping chilling and enjoy an entire day of leisure, brigade road should be high up on your list full stop brigade road is home to some of the city’s old is bars and pubs. After a tiring day of shopping, you can enjoy the day with chilled glass of beer. This is the one stop shopping place for luxury item, traditional handicraft electronics, fashion wear, silk sarees, western outfit, footwear, and a various household goods.the street are lined with restaurants, cases, retail outlets, office building and theatres. Just eat drink and enjoy !

Bangalore Palace –

This is Bangalore palace. This palace was the private residence of the royal Wodeyar Family. The historical heritage of the city is so magnificent and eminent that it rises to prominence on its own. Bangalore palace is a perfect  representation of the lavishness and splendor with which India’s most resilient dynasties ruled. Apart from being a major tourist destination. The palace is a host to different culture events, rock show, and marriages.

M G Road –

Mahatma Gandhi Road is the busiest Road in Bangalore. MG Road is quite famous for its pleasant nightlife. Where drinking and dancing are always on the high. It’s very close to brigade Road. You can go to the bar, fame shankarnag theatre, holy Trinity Church, Indian cartoon gallery convey handicrafts, Garuda Mall,O2 spa and many more things like this.

Wonderla Amusement Park –

Wonderla a world of  breathtaking charm. Full of excitement, the loudest, craziest place in town. They have 60 different rights to enjoy. It will take your breath away. You must try the water rides full stop also keep an eye for the time of wave pool full stop the most exciting thing that I did there is rain disco. It is crazy they have 5 different restaurants and so many tasty dishes to eat. It’s always hot in Bangalore city that is why this is the best place to visit when you are in town.the ticket price starts from 873 per adult you can book the ticket from philanthropy via website link in the description timing starts from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Innovative Film City –

Now this is innovative Film City. One of the most popular tourist attraction in Bangalore. This is like an amusement park. Located in Bangalore Mysore highway. Innovative Film City is one of its kind Indian theme park.

Children’s coma adults, senior citizens everyone can have fun here. Whether you want to go cart with your buddies, have a classy corporate get together or spend quality time with your family.

The innovative Film City is the one stop destination for all. They have so many exciting rides and activities for kids that will make them jump in joy. Like the cartoon Park. But IFC is not only for children’s, you would want to check out this tribal museum, the Big Boss tour, the sand beach, the Aqua Kingdom.

This is totally different experience than the others. The innovative theme park is not just for fun and entertainment. People can also book a destination wedding and get married in the beautiful setting of IFC.

This innovative Film City hosts several event like Dussehra, Pongal, handicrafts and cultural fair, specially in Diwali and Christmas.

All the events are full of extravagant activities, shows, performances. During Diwali the beautiful lighting illuminates the whole campus and it is visible even from far away.

Nandi Hills –

Nandi hills is famous for tourism, photography and tracking. If you don’t have any idea how the heaven looks coma then you really should visit this place. It feels awesome. It’s like living above the clouds. Nandi hills is a hill station in Karnataka state. Nandi hills was known as Ananda Giri.

Means the hill of happiness. There is an ancient temple at top of the hill. The fort was built during the period by the chieftains of chikkaballapur. It was strengthened by the famous king of Mysore Tipu Sultan full stop King Tipu Sultan made up place for his prisoners it’s called “Tipu drop”. It’s a 600 cleave with the huge Rock landing after the drop. Prisoners and convicts during Tipu reign where post of this place full stop Sultan Tipu also build summer rest house atop this hill.

Some pointers before you go –
  • Nandi hills bottom gates where only open after 6 a.m..
  • Make sure you have driving license and other papers with you, because police man at the gate will ask you to show your papers.
  • Also carry jackets or whatever that saves you from the coolest climate up there.


ISKCON Temple –

This is ISKCON temple I never missed an opportunity to visit an Iskcon temple. Shri Radha Krishna temple is one of the largest Krishna Hindu temples in the world.

The environment here is so peaceful, believe me guys you will definitely love it here. It is located at Rajajinagar, in North Bangalore.

There is a gold plated dwaj or flag post,56 feet high and gold plated Kalash also there is free Prasad distribution for all visitors during the Darshan hours. Apart from being a shrine to lord, ISKCON Bangalore is also cultural hubbub of multiple dimensions.

It has and MP theatre, so many events are held here such as cultural fests, tense and musical program educational conferences and so on….

The temple also has a gift shop of its own. The splendid thought and art work that went behind the construction of this magnificent structure displays a striking amalgamation of glass and gopuram. Which den becomes symbolic of the blending of traditional values with modern aesthetics.

The best time to visit ISKCON temple Bangalore is during the winter months, between November to February.

Bannerghatta National Park –

The Bannerghatta National Park is a sanctuary for a large variety of flora and fauna. This Park was established in 1971. This is the first butterfly Park.

Visiting the Bannerghatta National Park is a treat for the nature lover and specially for the photographers. The varied species of wild life here includes elephants, leopards, jackal, fox, wild bear, sloth bear, India gazelle, porcupine, lion the royal Bengal tiger, lizards and cobras.

In this Park you can enjoy so many different numbers of experiences with the endearing wildlife here.

One ofthe most popular activities in this destination is the jungle safari, where you get to observe the animals in their natural habitat.

The grand Safari is 8 kilometre long one way, while tiger and lion safari is almost around 11 kilometres.

There are three major attraction in this park –
  1. Elephant sanctuary
  2. Zoo
  3. Butterfly Park

The best time to visit this Park is during the months of November to June. When the weather is cool and perfect and wildlife is easily to spotted.

When you get tired and hungry from roaming in this Park you can go to the nearby restaurants like Garma garam, Seasons, Simply Indian, also if you don’t want to go outside there are a number of eateries in the park premises too.


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