Ooty : Queen of Nilgiris


Ooty : Queen of Nilgiris –

Ooty is a a hill station in Tamilnadu. Amidst amidst Nilgiri hills. The queen of hill is a picturesque you get away. Do it with tea gardens coma serene waterfall winding country lane and charming colonial architecture.

Ooty is the perfect respite for everyone. Popular among couples and honeymooners coma Ooty only its visitors with the panoramic views of Nilgiri mountains.

From the nature works in gardens that makes one wonder whether Paradise. As depicted in scriptures of various cultures have actually be derived from such sensory experiences to relaxing over a cup of tea plantation dotting the hillside. Only realize most humbly of nature as gifts as a beautiful provider.

Now this is a picture of Nilgiri mountain railways. It is also called toy train in Ooty . The  toy train is one of the key attractions of popular hill station Ooty.

Given the toy trains popularity and history, it was declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2005. The train covers a distance of 46 km in 5 hours and takes you through a truly spectacular journey filled with pictures q views on the route.

The feeling of this amazing green forest passing through dark snake like tunnels korma beautiful picture perfect scenario with fog, the Nilgiri mountain train will take you on a spectacular trip up and down in a verdant slope.

All this makes it the experience of a lifetime. This is your spot it’s totally worth a visit. You can book for camping site in Ooty or you can book Heritage bungalows coma cozy cottages for a royal experience in a minimum price range. totally affordable!

Ooty Lake :-

Ooty lake is surrounded by eucalyptus trees and greenery all around and is a great place to experience the beauty of this hill station. You can also see the numerous streams coming out through the hills.

This is the perfect place for the people who are genuinely interested in photography. But not only for photography Ooty lake is pretty fun as well as activity filled place. You can book paddle boat, rowing boat, or a  motor boat from the boat house there.

Also there is a mini train for kids to take a quick tour of lake. You can also enjoy so many events like boat racing extra in the month of May.

Also there are lots of visitor during weekends so my suggestion is to visit the lake during weekdays.

If you are lucky then maybe you could meet with the celebrity there full stop because so many Bollywood movies scenes were shot here near the lake.

Rose Garden :-

This is the Ooty Rose garden just look at this. This is so beautiful and mesmerizing garden in the heart of the town of Ooty. The view of the lush green garden with areas dedicated to captivatingly fragrant roses in is a a night to remember.

Nature lovers are down to the rose garden like bees to honey. The garden is also known to be one of the most famous botanical gardens in Tamilnadu. You can enjoy here variety of roses in different colour and sizes.

Avalanche Lake :-

Now this is the famous tourist spot of Tamilnadu Avalanche Lake. Star attraction of Ooty house the famous Avalanche lake is the best place for nature enthusiastic and photographers. The lake was created by a landslide. Naturally formed.! Wow

Emerald lake:-

Emerald Lake situated in emerald village around 20 to 22km from main city. Lake is one of the unexplored and Virgin places of the South Indian hill station. tourist usually go there for the picturesque scenic beauty of the lake. And the green Nilgiris slope and tea plantation surrounding it.

Munnar :-

so if you are interested in going to a hill station, then this is the perfect place to visit. This is Munnar just look at the picture Munnar is a popular hill station of Kerala.

Munnar is famous for its 30 States various shades of green korma blankets of mist and craggy peaks. This is place is also known as Kashmir of South India.

Munnar has so many places to visit like eco point, photo point, atukkad waterfall, Tata tea museum.

Eco Point :-

This place is called ecopoint. A very beautiful place to visit when Munnar, which is itself situated at the confluence of three mountain stream the ecopoint got its name from the natural eco phenomenon that occurs here.

It’s situated at a serene, calm Lake Bank. When you scream here, you will be e hearing your voice echoed back at you.. Fascinating Right!

It is fun to hear your own voice reverberate around the attraction again and again. On your visit to Munnar, eco point should be on your to do list.


Photo Point :-

This is photo point the perfect pictures q-syte low rolling slopes coma undulating plains of Nilgiris. Scenic beauty and lush tea gardens.

Known for aromatic Spices. The root upto the spot is quite spectacular as well as makes the entire journey worth it. This place is famous for sightseeing a perfect picnic spot and filming destination.

You can go to trekking, camping and Jeep Safari too. There are professional photographers  to capture your perfect moment.also they even have gear with them to dress you up as one of the local tea worker.

They also give you the photo print immediately. Then you can visit this amazing place Atukkad waterfall.

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